DJ Gary Marion

DJ Gary Marion

Gary W. Marion, Radio Personality and DJ, has been a fixture in the Boston metropolitan area community since the 70″s. He has been playing music for many years entertaining at weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, and let’s not forget about those family cookouts.

Gary is proud of his eventful background. He’s worked in TV, radio, and served in the Marines. He has worked at several radio stations, and is currently the host of a Love Song show called “Foreplay” on Big City 101.3FM.

A long time member of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), Gary has his own DJ/MC Services (GM Productions) located in Hyde Park, MA.. If you want to grow your business, Gary performers voiceovers for advertising efforts as well.

OSIRIS Magazine went to spend some time with Gary, and we left there feeling wonderful. He is laid back and a beautiful being with the best persona. Here are his words to us…

“There’s nothing … better than listening to music. You can make someone feel good by the music you play. So I just create the mood. There’s’ always a song for someone. I try to tell a story with music and its not scripted. But its all about the positive and love. Music is for the mind, body, and soul. And everybody needs love.

I grew up in Boston, and I feel good that I am able to play music in my community — in the community I grew up in. Back in the 80’s on Thursday nights at the Sky Cap, I played at all the nightclubs — even at Slades(night club) back in ‘89 when they reopened. I DJ In Worcester, MA. [On] ‘The quiet Storm’ in the 90’s over at UMass I played albums. Albums have the true sound. As a teenager I would go out and end up being the DJ at parties because that was me.

DJ Gary Marion

James brown was my music idol when I was growing up. He maintained the riots in Boston at the old Boston Garden. He would perform, and there was so much love in the air.

Discipline…you have to have that and observe things in life. True artists observe and listen. Things could be so much better if you just listen to the story lines and the messages in the music…in life. I value life, and my experiences have made me the person I am.”

OSIRIS Magazine left 101.3 Big City radio station with an overwhelming feeling of positivity and warmth. Gary played Barry White… He played The Gap Band’s “Good Old Fashion Loving”, Switch “I Call Your Name” (one of my favorites) and many more. He is so funny, so cool — so real! Everything ran so smoothly. It is where he was meant to be, in the heart of music. We left there knowing that he loves spending time with family. And he stressed that it was all about his kids. And THEN his love for music.